12 Oct

Managing Magento is Pretty Much Like Keeping a Pet. How to Take Care About It?

If you are the owner of Magento store, managing it becomes indispensable part of your day and sometimes even night. It is like keeping the pet – you know that each day you need to spend some time on nourishment, medical attention, safety and other things. The resemblance of your store to animal you are keeping at home also proves the fact, that they both will not survive without your constant attention and care.

Initially, when you have just gotten new furry friend it is fun and you are really excited. The same thing is with online store. You have just made up and running and everything is new and thrilling for you: each new customer and order, every new products you get from supplier.

However, fun part only begins here. Either having an animal, or opening online store, you should understand that it is a great responsibility. From now on you have to be ready for everything day’n’night – unexpected problems, tasks to be handled, measures that should be taken.

We want you to make sure that you can provide best care possible and compiled for you a list of tasks you need to be ready to cope with.

Like pet that needs your continuous care, your Magento catalog requires your permanent attention as well. When your products are selling like sand papers (hopefully this is exactly such a situation and you have got tons of orders every day), sooner or later the number of goods you have in stock will be shrinking. Without keeping an eye of your inventory and in-time renewal of products quantity, very soon your goods will be unavailable for purchase for interested clients.

Clean up after your pet = Rebuild Magento index and flush cache

A well-known fact, but very often store owners forget about it – after each significant change you need to rebuild your system’s indices. This way you will ensure that everything is saved in complex Magento hierarchy correctly and the changes are displayed at the store front.

Make sure it has enough room = Add more server resources

To ensure the best Magento performance and avoid ‘time-out’ and ‘out-of-memory’ issues you have to consider adding some server resources, since Magento webshop does require lots of them.

Buy it toys = Improve store’s performance and extend functionality with extensions

Magento is powerful, but you can consider some extensions to make your Magento stores do even more. Different modules and solutions help streamline operations and make business easier.

Take pet to vet regularly = Diagnose your Magento to make sure everything is running properly

If you do not know about the problem it doesn’t mean that it is not there. Thus, regular store check-ups can help you avoid unpleasant surprises in the future and be sure that your Magento functions as it should.

How you are familiar with troubleshooting tips that might come at hand when keeping a pet or establishing new Magento store. In any case, if something comes up, it should be your first priority.

The love of a pet is everlasting. When dealing with online business, you should properly care about your online shop and it will return to you a hundredfold.

Let it grow healthy and delight your eyes!

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