12 Oct

My Magento Products are Not Visible at Front-End. What to Do?

Right after you have installed Magento, you probably can’t wait to bring your ideas into life and start filling your shop with new Magento products, dreaming about selling for whole world and earning your first million. You are anxious to begin, so who will spend valuable time on reading instructions, right?

However, after adding a few products manually or performing your first Magento product import you might notice that new entities are not visible at store front. You check your back-end and goods are there, so the first thing you do is refresh your web page a few times and… nothing. Perhaps you ask around some tech-experts or read a few forum or blog posts online and try flushing Magento cache and re-index. Still nothing.

When adding or editing product in Magento manually, it is quite good at letting you know that you have skipped some required information. Obligatory fields are marked with asterisk and products won’t be saved until you fill in all of them. Though, when you add products via import procedure, you should check a few things before trying to delve deeper:

  • Magento stock availability (in file ‘is_in_stock’ field) – in case you have there 1 value, it denotes that the product is in stock and 0 stands for out of stock.
  • Stock quantity – it needs to be more than 0 or other value (in case you have enabled the option “Minimum Qty for item’s status to be out of stock”).
  • Product status field should be set to “Enabled”. In case there you have value for disabled, your products won’t be displayed at the front-end.
  • Visibility should be ‘Catalog’ (for product to be shown) or ‘Catalog, Search’ (for Magento products to be shown and could be found via search).
  • Categories field should not be left empty, there should be indicated either category or category path (in case the entity should be located to definite subcategory). Also make sure that category to which you assign products is positioned under Root category, otherwise neither category, nor products belonging to it will be reflected at clients’ side. The category also should be active.
  • Make sure you implement changes in assigned Magento website/store view (under Websites tab) or to make sure that all the changes are applied to correct store view, it is better to do alterations in default store view and for other store views to have option “Use default” set.
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