The OLD Phonebook is Dead… and now your clients are using local and mobile search directories.

Most people begin their searches using sites like Google, Yahoo, Bing, or whatever their favorite search engine is.  These search engines then bring up hundreds of local search directories.

The old days where you only had to worry about listing your business in the local Yellow Pages are gone… and now to be noticed you have to manage your listing where your customers go… online using local and mobile search directories.

The NEW Phonebook is now the local search directories and engines. It is absolutely necessary that your business is listed and listed correctly.  The problem is there are literally hundreds of online directories that need to be claimed and managed.  Not only is it time consuming but you will also get to endure high pressure sales pitches from each directory you attempt to manage.

We can help manage your listings!

We not only manage the basics: Business Name, Address and Phone Number (i.e. NAP), but also product descriptions, categories, services provided, hours of operation, coupons, photos and payments accepted.

We then push this information to the four main data aggregators of the internet… every 30 days!

Our service allows you to claim, list, verify and update all of your information through our network of over 300 direct relationship data providers such as:

Directory Listings Services

Start today, blazing performance in ever directory linting provided!

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